06 aprile 2007

Fair Play Italian Style

Famous last words. Rome's Prefect of police, Achille Serra, said: "To criticise the police is a sport.The British like to do it.The police were forced to intervene between two sets of violent fans."

In February the Italian Football Federation suspended all matches after a policeman was killed at a Serie A game between Catania and Palermo. After what happened last Wednesday in Rome, italian politicians, authorities and newspapers should be ashamed of themselves and now, instead of defending the disproportionate use of force shown by the riot police, they better shut their mouth. The British people should also take into account that last November our Parliament, with a large majority from both the leading center-left coalition and the center-right opposition (!!!), approved an Act which immediately released thousands of criminals from our jails, so we think that is another important reason why our boring italian politicians would better shut their mouth.
The sad truth is that Italy has once again shown to the whole world how barbaric is its own society which allows his domestic thugs to freely assault foreign supporters in the streets and inside a stadium with knives, chains and missiles.
In light of the fact that no-one in Italy seems to understand that to defend our own brutality is not patriotism, but just a foolish sign of blind nationalism, we apologize to our british friends and we stress the deep feeling of shame in seeing such horrible scenes of violence that usually occur in our country.
Always keep in mind that a small number of smart, polite and responsible italians does exist, you will probably not hear from them very often, but we are out there anyway.
I guess that by saying this I will not be very popular among the large majority of my fellow italians who are very busy in defending their own disgusting behaviour confusing patriotism with blind party-spirit, but I prefer by far being unpopular among my citizens than following them on the road of the annihilation of an always less civilized Italy, because I care much more to be honest to myself and to say what needs to be said in order to improve the country that I love.