23 giugno 2008


Un altro post per la felicità del mio conto :)

If you were looking for an online casino , Gambling-Forum.com is the place to be

What exactly is online casino gambling?

There are now more than 1800 different online casinos on the Internet. All of them offer classic casino games such as blackjack, roulette, slots and the traditional casino games we know from Las Vegas and other real ‘walk-in’ casinos.
But be warned - some of these online casino sites are far from honest and trustworthy and you should be careful how you choose the site that you are going to play on. Don’t choose the first online casino gambling site you find on the net. Take good look around first. There are sites which are operated by respected and honest companies and these can be trusted .
You should stick to some of the big online casino software brands. For example online casinos produced by the casino software provider Cryptologic can be trusted. Cryptologic is a Nasdaq stock exchange listed company - so online casinos using their software can probably be trusted. Casino software from Microgaming, Boss Media, RandomLogic and Playtech are well respected casino software brands that you can trust .

How does the online gambling work?

You download the casino software onto your computer - or you could try a ‘no- download’ version of the software. Then you install the casino program onto your hard disk and register as a new player and open your gambling account. You can usually choose whether to play for free or play for real money .
If you decide to play for real money - you make a deposit into your account using your credit card or by some other means of cash transfer. If you gamble and win and want to withdraw your winnings you go to the website’s cashier or bank and request to cash-out. They will then send you a check with your winnings, by wire transfer, or check or in the manner you choose. There is a site called Neteller.com account which is free to open and which handles the transfer of funds
Apple/Mac users may not be able to play in online casinos that offer a downloaded version of the casino software unless they have the install program called "virtual PC". Downloaded software has to be installed before one can play. Mac users can play using the ‘no-download’ versions of the online casino software. Most online casinos offer both the download and no-download versions of the casino software. Mac computer users should look for the ‘no-download’ version of the software, usually called the Flash Casino version, or simply a ‘no-download’ casino version .

You will also find online slots


Anonymous Anonimo said...

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