09 novembre 2008

Sony C905

Bring out your dead, lay down the wreaths, and say your last good byes, for here is the death of the digital camera as we know it. Introducing the immense Sony Ericsson C905 with an unbelievable 8-mega pixel, cyber shot, auto focus, image stabilising camera.

In a Russia v America esq. race to space battle, it seems that Samsung will be the first manufacturer to plant the 8 mega pixel flag in the UK. However, this mobile ain’t no monkey, this is a fully evolved picture taking masterpiece, and boy does the quality of the photos show this. Our entire review of the Sony C905 consisted of pointing and shooting, as we ran the phone through a testing gauntlet of photography. Distance – no object, Quality – fantastic. Sony Ericsson C905

Granted Sony had the head start due to their digital camera knowledge, but this as a first attempt is going to be pure cannibalism of their own camera market. Our initial thoughts, and probably that of the mobile phone world, were that the first 8 mega pixel phone would sell just for being what it was, and the second handset (incidentally likely to be the Samsung Innov8) would then perfect the actual performance, but the Sony C905 leaves little left to improve on. The actual camera works on 3264x2448 pixels, and the video shoots at 30 fps, so the quality of photos and videos is a credit to Sony.

Additional to the mobile phones camera, the C905 has a couple of rather good features hidden up its sleeve, which are easily forgotten due to the main 8 mega pixel shout. The phone has a built in GPS satellite receiver, that also allows you to apply geo-tagging, which is an awesome little feature in our eyes. So your travelling around the Hebrides, you see a yeti, you take a picture, then you mark it on your GPS map where you saw it. Genius. Ultimately, you can end up with a picture marked atlas guide to the world of your own, marking all the places you went, who you met, all accompanied by the pictures you took. It also helps that the handset is quad band, so take it anywhere in the world with you. Sony C905

The Sony C905’s screen is 2.4 inches of TFT bliss, and Sony’s usual music capable stamp of quality is applied as per standard. Additional none standard functions include picture blogging capabilities to Facebook, MySpace, etc, whilst the RSS reader is great for keeping up to date with whatever you want.

Actual size wise, it wasn’t made for a ladies purse, but more for the meat eating, fire making male of the Sony species. Although, what do you expect from an 8 mega pixel, MP3 playing, satellite navigation system.

Sony C905