28 dicembre 2008

NLP Connections

NLP Connections is a free forum and community resource for anyone interested in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). More than that, it is a social and professional network with over 8,500 members worldwide. We get together regularly, online and in 'the real world', to share experiences, learn more about NLP and have fun!

Recent speakers at NLP Connections events have included Richard Bandler, the co-creator of NLP, John La Valle, president of the Society of NLP, Gabe Guerrero, Eric Robbie, Jonathan Altfeld and Drs Ron and Edie Perry.

The site has been described as "the Switzerland of the NLP world" because we stay independent and neutral when it comes to all the different NLP organisations and even when talking about NLP Training, associations and schools of thought. Everyone is welcome here. It doesn't matter to us who you trained with (or if you haven't trained at all), which books you like most or who your favourite trainer is. One of the things that makes NLP Connections unique is the wide diversity of its membership, and that's why we encourage people from all backgrounds to get involved.

Who runs NLP Connections?

NLP Connections is run by Chris Morris. Chris discovered NLP while working in Parliament as a political strategist and he continues to use NLP in that context, as well as for training, consulting and changework. He's personally recommended by Richard Bandler as a specialist in therapeutic and personal enhancement work. You can read more on his profile here or his website here.

The forum is moderated by a team of community mentors, led by Bridget McKenna and Jenny Waller.

The top NLP trainer worldwide is a guy called Paul McKenna, join him and show him your support!


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