15 maggio 2009

X4 Extender

As an industry leader, we have developed one of the most technologically advanced penis extenders. By incorporating both silicone tubing and strap based extenders into one, the Hybrid Support System offers unequivocal comfort and efficiency.
The X4 Penis Extender is one of the only penile enlargement devices to have undergone pharmaceutical studies and to be medically certified. Penis extenders have proven themselves as a viable non-surgical instrument to provide significant increases in penis size, both length and girth. Penis Stretcher
The X4 Extender was originally developed as a non-surgical treatment to Peyronie’s disease. As more and more clinical studies were conducted on the use of the device, researchers noticed its ability to increase the size of the penis. X4 Labs, a research and development firm altered the device slightly to ensure increased efficiency with respects to penis enlargement. Penis Stretcher
Recognizing the drastic psychological and physiological effects that penis size have on men, the X4 Labs mission statement seeks to provide the most efficient device or extender to men. The development of the Hybrid Support System extender is one of the largest leaps in phalloplasty and cosmetic enhancement in the field. Penis Enlarger
X4 Labs continues to produce its renowned extender under the strictest quality standards and is also medically certified. As a doctor approved device, men can now have access to one of the greatest male enhancement tools available on the market.


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